17 most spectacular and fun party games you probably never played before


In today’s article, you will have the opportunity to meet some ridiculous games that you have probably never heard of or played. Check out what these games are and separate some of them so that you can play with your family or friends at some parties so that everything doesn’t seem so quiet and still. With them, you will be able to liven up the party. Look:

1. Mirror Charades

This is a much more difficult game than the game of charades you are used to seeing. Thus, two people are classified for the game, where one will do an imitation is a riddle for others to try to guess, only that person has his back to the other and his partner, will be facing imitating the other, as if it was a mirror, so that people can guess.

2. What is this strange thing?

You will collect objects that you have in your home, which can be toys or others and you will place them in a certain place where the game will take place. Thus, they sell the eyes of the participants and they will have to guess what the object is just by touching it.

3. Balloon Duel

With balloons full between the legs and stuck, people will have to pop it, only with the strength of the legs. The first to pop the balloon is the winner,

Being played a lot when people are wearing jackets or pants with pockets, this game consists of putting cookies in other people’s pockets without them noticing. If they notice, you have to eat the cookie, if they don’t notice, they will have to eat it when they find it.

5. Charade Whispers

A line is made and the participant at each end receives a word in which he will have to imitate, until someone else gets it right. This movement will be passed on to the next person in line, until they reach the beginning of the line and the person will have to guess what word is trying to be said only through the movement made.

6. Sardines

It is a different hide and seek. One person is hiding and all the rest of the participants must look for it. If you have found the person in hiding, you have to join them and so everyone who finds them must join. The last one who finds everyone in hiding is the loser.

7. Dictionary

With a dictionary and a paper, you should find a difficult word that you don’t even know and ask participants to write the definition of that word on paper. In the end, the definitions will be read and the one that comes closest to the dictionary definition is the winner.

8. The voting game

There are cards, asking questions like “Who is more likely to be arrested?” and so, everyone votes, however, anonymously. Finally, the person who had the most votes can suggest who voted for her.

9. Trivia from the main Wiki list

You should choose any list, like the name of animals. People are talking and according to the spoken name, you should note in what position / number that name is, as it will be the player’s score. Whoever has the most points wins.

10. Telephone dictionary

With sheets of paper and pen in hand, you will make drawings and then you will be passed on to people to write related phrases, until your drawing returns to you again.

11. Aquarium / Monikers / Salad Bowl / Names in a Hat

You will need pens, paper and some container so that the papers can be placed inside. Thus, it will be necessary for everyone to write 3 or even 5 names on a paper and then put them in the container. In teams, take the names and read. Then put it back and describe these names using two words so that those names can be identified. Then, it will be necessary to make riddles.

12. Before and after

The game starts with a sentence like “the day is beautiful” and then you must continue the sentence by adding other words, “the day is beautiful and the sky is blue” and so on. The person who misses the sentence and spoils everything loses and leaves the game.

13. spoons

With the spoons centered in the middle (1 less than the total number of players) and a deck in hand, these cards were passed on. When one of the participants is able to take 4 of the same cards he can grab a spoon and the others must also run to grab his. Whatever is left without a spoon is out of the game.

14. This or That

You will have to choose between two things, to form a world with only the one chosen. For example, you will be asked if you prefer a world with a cell phone or TV, for example, and you must choose one of them and the other will be discarded.

15. Celebrity

With a celebrity’s name glued to your forehead, and with tips from someone else who knows who that celebrity is, you’ll need to find out who that celebrity is. The only questions can only be answered with yes or no.

16. Ostrich dance

With names placed on the back, the competition will be to not let the other see. Whoever finds the name on the other’s back first wins.

17. Wink ‘Em Murder

In that game, letters will be drawn, which could be “A” for the killer. Whatever the killer is, he will have eye contact with people and blink. In doing so, the victim must say that he is dead. The joke extends until everyone dies and if no one finds out the killer he wins, if anyone finds out, he is the winner.

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