Check out the 27 most interesting facts about the United States


In today’s post, you will get to know some interesting curiosities about the United States that you may not know. They are really quite incredible facts and that even today, they represent the country’s culture and that often attract tourists to the city. If you were curious to know what are these interesting facts that the United States has, just stay tuned in the article to check it out. Have a good reading!

The Statue of Liberty

One of the biggest symbols that represents New York is the Statue of Liberty. However, did you know that it is located in New Jersey? That’s right, she is one of the biggest points of representation in New York, but physically she is present in the city of New Jersey.

The highest mountain in the world

It is also in the United States of America, more specifically in Hawaii, that the largest mountain in the world is located. But isn’t the biggest mountain in the world Mount Everest? The answer is no. There is another mountain, called Mauna Kea, which is much larger than Mount Everest.

Last time the Liberty Bell was touched

A bell that cost about $ 225.50 and soon ended up having its “finishing touch” was the Liberty Bell. It was built in 1776 and in 1846, when it was rung to commemorate the birthday of former President George Washington, the bell ended up breaking hours later. This bell is being kept and kept to this day and visits can be made at the National Park Service, in Philadelphia, without you having to pay anything to visit it.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

This is without a doubt the museum that has the most visits in the United States. In a world view, only the Louvre stands out as the most visited and right next is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It introduces you to all of the First and Second World War aircraft, as well as missiles, uniforms and more.

Approximately 3 million pizzas are sold per year in the U.S.

With more than 60 thousand pizzerias present in the country, a total of approximately 3 million pizzas are sold annually in the United States. In addition, the month of October is considered the month of pizza in the USA and therefore, it is one of the periods when pizzas are even more sold in the country.

More than 180 places in the USA bear the name “Christmas”

Across the country, there are more than 180 places that bear the name “Christmas” present. Therefore, some cities are included, such as the Christmas Valley, islands, such as Christmas Island, one of the US islands that is located in Florida. In addition, there are even lakes that bear the name “Christmas”.

The first ferris wheel appeared in Chicago

In 1893 the first ferris wheel was built in the United States. More specifically, the ferris wheel was built in the city of Chicago. However, in 1906 it was demolished. Nowadays, one of the biggest giant wheels is the Singapore Flyer, which is 541 feet high, while the first to be built was 264 feet high.

Miniature golf in Georgia

Golf is one of the most common sports in the USA, where several clubs are present, where many people go for leisure. However, the city with the largest miniature golf course is Georgia. Georgia’s golf course was known as Tom Thumb, but today it no longer exists

San Francisco Hardy has cemeteries

Because laws were created by the residents themselves so that new cemeteries were not built in the city, today there are only 3 cemeteries in San Francisco.

The highest mountain in the world is in New Jersey

With a height of 456 feet, the highest roller coaster in the world is present in the city of New Jersey. It is known as Kingda Ka and has about 45 floors.

Houston is home to the largest war monument

Better known as the San Jacinto Monument, it is considered the largest and tallest war monument and is present in Houston. There, you will get an incredible view of the place where one of the biggest battles in the country took place.

World’s largest boardwalk

The United States is also the country with the largest boardwalk in the world. It is located in Atlantic City and when walking through it, you will pass by several incredible stores, as well as restaurants, hotels and several other places that can catch your attention.

In 1920 women won the right to vote

In the United States, women’s voting rights only came in the year 1920. For such an important milestone, a space had to be created for this history of struggle to be represented and with that, the National Historical Park of Rights was created. Seneca Falls, New York.

The brown bear is the symbol of California

An interesting fact from the USA, specifically from California, is that the brown bear is considered its symbol of representation. So far so good, but what is more bizarre is that the last brown bear seen in California was in the year 1922. This is because, the species went into extinction, due to the fact that hunters captured them and others even killed them. This led to the end of the species.

Alaska is larger than 49 U.S. states combined

The Alaskan coast is huge, being bigger than joining the 49 US states. Alaska is bigger than Texas, another big city in the USA, being the largest state in the country. However, this is one of the smallest in relation to its population.


The largest office building in the world became known as the Pentagon in relation to its area. This building is also located in the United States. The name came from the fact that this building is different and has 5 sides, 5 floors, 5 corridors and so on.

Alcohol was banned

There was a time when alcohol was banned in the USA. The Law was determined in 1919, but in 1933 alcohol was released again.

Part of the US land belongs to the government

To be more precise, a total of 32% of the land across the country belongs to the government. It is very ground, almost half of the country.

Philadelphia was once the capital of the USA

There was a year in which Philadelphia was once considered the capital of the United States, as well as other cities.

First US university

Founded in 1636, the first university in the United States was Harvard, a recognized and renowned university to this day, being the second largest university in the world.

Manhattan’s Chinatown has the largest number of Chinese residents in the Western Hemisphere

Chinatown are concentrations of Chinese people in an urban location in another country. And in the USA, specifically in Manhattan, Chinatown is found with the largest number of Chinese inhabiting the country in the entire Western Hemisphere.


The United States has a debt of $ 54,000 for each person, where 48% of the entire population of that country is considered to be low income.

The Hollywood Bowl

The largest amphitheater in the world, The Hollywood Bowl, was created in 1922. It has an incredible capacity and can accommodate up to 18 thousand people.

Oldest city in the USA

You may not know it, but the oldest city in the United States is located in Florida. The name of this city is Pensacola, created in 1559.

Rockville Bridge

The United States also has one of the largest bridges made of stone arch, called the Rockville Bridge, which is a total of 3,820 feet long.

Higher obesity rate

The USA is also the country that has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, this is because the chain of restaurants and fast foods in the USA is quite large and because of that, it draws people’s attention a lot. In addition, the rush of work makes people eat poorly and this causes obesity.

America’s first zoo

America’s first zoo was founded in the City of Philadelphia. The year of its inauguration was 1874.

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