Discover 50 facts you probably didn’t know about “The Simpsons”


The Simpsons first aired as a short animated film on The Tracy Ullman Show in the United States. Since its creation, it has gone on to become an internationally known drawing and acclaimed by millions of fans. See 50 facts about one of the funniest drawings in all of history.

1. During the opening of the drawing, Maggie typed $ 847.63 into the cash register, as that was the amount she spent every month to raise a baby in 1989.

2. As of the 20th season of the TV show, which started in 2009, the price has changed. Purchases start at $ 243.26, but Maggie doubles the total amount to $ 486.52.

3. Whenever Bart calls Moe’s Tavern he dials 764-84377 on the phone (adding one more digit than conventional American numbers). This number refers to the word “SMITHERS”.

4. You may have already wondered why Springfield residents are yellow. The show’s creator, Matt Groening, revealed to the BBC that one of the animators introduced him to the Simpsons yellow and he thought it was the most ideal, because when you’re changing channels with the controller, the device will pop out quickly and you will know you’re watching The Simpsons.

5. In Arab episodes, Homer exchanges beer for soda and also eats Egyptian sausages instead of hot dogs, respecting Islamic customs.

6. In the Spanish version, the expression is translated as “Ai!”.

7. In case you are watching the episodes dubbed in French, Homer’s famous signature “D’oh” ”is translated as“ T’oh! ”.

8. In the program, all characters have one less finger in their hand, except for one: God.

9. While watching the episode ‘Lisa the Vegetarian’ and stopping to listen to the song at the end of the program, Paul McCartney will sing ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. However, the version has a secret background sound, which is Macca reading a lentil soup recipe backwards. The last spoken line says “Oh, by the way, I’m alive”.

10. The Comic Book Guy’s real name is Jeff Albertson, just as Bumblebee will go by the name of Pedro, taking into account that he wears a bowling shirt that contains that name in one episode.

11. Lisa can celebrate her 8th birthday in two separate episodes.

12. Each episode takes six to eight months to complete.

13. You should also have doubts about the “suction” sound made by Maggie, as you know that it is made by the creator of the program, Matt Groening.

14. The President of the United States, George Bush, once blamed the Simpsons for the problems that society faced, using the argument that American families should behave more like the Waltons instead of the Simpsons.

15. In fact, Barbara Bush has been quoted as saying “The Simpsons are the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen”.

16. Another question you should ask yourself is where did the expression “d’oh!” Come from. Dan Castellaneta, the voice actor for Homer, has already revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that in the script of the program the expression was written as an “angry grunt”. So, he decided to rely on the sound of “Dooooh!” in the film Laurel And Hardy made by Jimmy Finlayson.

17.The expression “doh” (a form of writing that Groening believes to be correct), was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001. The meaning of the word was defined as “Expression referring to frustration after realizing that something foolish was done or said.

18. The introduction of the program was usually limited to the supermarket, skateboard, sofa trick, the show’s servants decided to change the tradition in one episode, replacing it with a cover of “Tik-Tok” by Ke $ ha.

19. As of 1998, the first six voice actors on the show earned up to $ 30,000 for each episode completed. From then until 2004, the salary was up to $ 125,000 for each program. There are currently £ 400,000 per episode.

20. Released in 1990, ‘Do The Bartman’ was a song that was written by Michael Jackson and Bryan Loren and played by Nancy Cartwright, the voice actor for Bart.

21. Several surnames of the show’s characters originate from the street names of the city where the show’s creator was born, Portland, Oregon.

22. Sideshow Bob is actually called Robert Underdunk Terwilliger.

23. The number of prisoners for Director Skinner in Vietnam was 24601, the same number of prisoners for Hank Jennings of Twin Peaks and Jean Valjean for the Miserable.

24. They also have the same number of prisoners as Krusty’s former companion, Sideshow Bob, which can be seen in one of his letters to Selma.

25. One of the merchandise related to the program, a shirt that had written “I’m Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you? ” has been banned from some public choices.

26. The time the couch gag opening scene will depend on the length of the episode.

27. Danny Elfman took only two days to compose the song that is the theme of the program, in 1989.

28. If you watch Rainier Wolfcastle’s clips playing McBain in the episodes that aired in the 90s, you’ll find that they make a coherent story.

29. Another question is where the name of the city of Springfield came from. Groening chose that name because several cities in the United States have that name, which made fans doubt about where the Simpsons live.

30. Mussolini, this is Millhouse’s middle name.

31. The origin of the name of the alien characters, Kang and Kodos, comes from the program Star Trek: The Original Series.

32. Nancy Cartwright, Bart’s former voice actress, performed the audition to voice Lisa.

33. Krusty the clown was inspired by a TV clown in Portland called Rusty Nails.

34. The first words that were pronounced by Bart were “Ay caramba”.

35. Cletus and Brandine, the hickies from Springfield, have 44 children, each with a more peculiar name than the other, such as Crystal Meth and Incest.

36. Kelsey Grammer of Frasier is the voice actor behind Sideshow Bob, while David Hyde Pierce voices Sideshow Bob’s brother Cecil.

37. The episode called ‘Angry Dad’ refers to a comic book story that was designed by Bart. However, none of the animators was able to draw in a similar way to that of a child, so one of them decided to call his son to do the drawing.

38. When The Who Pete Townshend came on as a character on the show, he was actually voiced by his brother, Paul Townshend.

39. The stuffed rabbit that Maggie has is the main character in the comic book ‘Life In Hell’ by comic book artist Matt Groening.

40. The combination password of Bart’s locker of your choice is 36-24-26, referring to the numbers that are recited in the song “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC / DC.

41. ​​There are rumors that the bus driver, Otto, has an Ed Roth “Big Daddy” tattoo on his ass.

42. Inside the Springfield Police Station, you can find a map of the city in the shape of medieval Constantinople.

43. Don’t forget that there are several animals in the show, like Patty and Selma’s iguana, called Jub Jub, or Krusty’s famous monkey, Mr. Teeny.

44. In 1997, a house that would be awarded as a prize in a contest organized by Fox and Pepsi, was built as a replica identical to the Simpsons’ house.

45. The Simpsons overtook The Flintstones in the most extensive prime-time animation series in America in 1997.

46. Several businesses were inspired when choosing a name, such as The French Confection, Helter Shelter and The Fryin ‘Dutchman.

47. Ned Flanders is 60 years old, even though he looks younger.

48. TV presenter and comedian Conan O’Brien was a writer and producer for the Simpsons between 1991 and 1993.

49. The 7-Eleven Store has already transformed one of its stores and started selling products of the famous design, such as Buzz Cola and Krusty-O cereals, in order to promote the Simpsons film.

50. You may have noticed that every opening on the show has a scene in which Bart writes a different sentence. Some of them were: “Pork is not a verb” and “I was not touched ‘there’ by an angel”.

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