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To live in another country, you must be open to live the new and to live with people who have a culture different from yours. So, if you are thinking of moving to the United States and want to learn more about the culture of that country, so that you can adapt day by day, until you can be totally within the culture of the place, in today’s article you you can learn a little more about this culture and help you adapt more easily in the United States.

Think big

While in some countries people are totally focused, aiming to achieve only what is needed, in the United States, people are much more enthusiastic and like people who think high, who have big plans and who are always thinking positive. Everything you can imagine in this country is very big, especially when it comes to food. It is no wonder that the majority of the American population is obese or overweight. In addition, you may even be ashamed to eat and take the rest home, but in the United States, when you order food and it ends up being left over, there is no shame in asking to take the rest home. So, in this country, the bigger the better!

To-go concept – Eating on the run

In the United States, it is common for you to see a lot of rush during people’s daily lives. They go out, work, go to meetings, wait their turn at bank lines, shop and much more. As such, they often say that 24 hours in a single day is too little for them.It is quite enough that you are fully adapted to find people walking the streets drinking coffee normally, eating while walking. That’s because, Americans say they don’t have time to sit down and enjoy good coffee or good food and therefore eat on the street or even in the car.

Going out to eat or ordering takeaway food

In the United States, it is also quite normal that people are always eating out and almost never eat at home, not so much because they don’t have time, but also, because for them, eating out is fun. This is because, it is possible that people can enjoy the opportunity to delight in the most diverse flavors, brought from different other cultures. You get the chance to taste foods from different countries like France, China, Mexico and many others.


Sports are also something that is present in American culture. Therefore, it is possible that you will be able to play sports such as football, baseball and basketball. However, in addition to these there are also others. Therefore, you will be able to watch sports everywhere and meet people who are totally in love and who do not miss a game.


Competition is also something that is present in the culture of the United States and so it is possible that children are already beginning to be encouraged to work and have what they want through their own sweat. The competition also ends up being very inspired in the camps and even in the schools, where children sell cookies and try to see which one sells more. As such, you will find Americans with determination and who are determined to get what they want, without sitting and waiting for their dreams to come true without any effort. In addition, games are also competitive.

Political accuracy (or being “PC”)

In addition, in the United States, other cultures are very well preserved. Thus, Americans seek everyone’s respect and do not like people who speak offensive phrases or expressions that may offend other people, always measuring their words. Furthermore, these people still seek to listen to each other, never claiming to be right, but rejecting everything the other person thinks.

Small talk

At times when you are waiting for a bus, or if you are in a queue, for example, it is common for you to see people talking and probably, these people do not know each other. However, it is common for people to be always talking and communicating, as this is one of the characteristics of Americans and they love small talk. Generally, the themes of these small talk are football or any other sport, politics, some TV subject, among others.


From an early age people tend to teach their children not to be dependent and in addition, this can also be taught in schools, when children end up being taken to summer camps, which usually take place during the summer and go through very long periods away from their parents. This means that, from an early age, people are able to know what independence is and therefore, from an early age, people leave home and live alone, managing to live well.


It is possible that you will encounter an enormous diversity of races and cultures in the United States. Each of the cities in that country has different cultures and, therefore, it is necessary to study well and find out how the culture of each city works, and find out how people behave in each one of them.


Something that is also quite common in the United States is communication. Therefore, it is common for you to see that people express themselves at work, show what their ideas are. In addition, they are not ashamed to ask questions and clarify their doubts, as well as being able to make friends.

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