Discover the different things you will find in American restaurants around the world


There was a topic on Reddit with the following question: ‘’ People who Americans who live abroad, does your country have local ‘‘ American ’’ restaurants similar to the ‘Mexican’ and ‘‘ Chinese ’’ you have in the United States? If so, tell us how they present American cuisine? ’’ Here are the best answers:

1- They have a decoration of the snack bars of the 50s

‘’ I went to the UK a few years ago with a British friend and they took me to an American restaurant. It had the theme of those 50s diners and on the menu it only had fries, fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork and pizza. ’’ – Riffler24

2. Really, they like anything that is retro:

‘’There is a restaurant in France called Memphis, it must have been designed to be a restaurant in the same style as the 1950s and 1960s, it has statues of Elvis and the waiters wear uniforms from those years. He also played rock n roll and Grease songs. All hamburgers came in double or triple combos with cheese and onion rings as an accompaniment.’’. – Norseaus

3- Steamed corn is served in India

‘’I’m an American but I always visit my in-laws who live in India every year. One thing that always impressed me was the shopping kiosks and street stalls that sell ‘American corn in steam’. It is basically sweet corn that is served in a cup with many spices such as pepper, mint, punjabi, black pepper, etc. And my father-in-law believes that this is the food we eat as a snack and is always trying to buy it for me when we go out.’’ – lindabhat

4- In ‘’ American ’Chinese restaurants they cover everything with black pepper

‘’In China there are several independent American restaurants that are run by the locals. They always have hamburgers, terrible steak (which is usually served with black pepper sauce), french fries, black coffee and many other dishes that are not exactly Chinese, but definitely not American, like spaghetti with black pepper and curry meat.’’ – dongbeinanren

5- A lot of barbecue is also served

‘’In China, they think American food is huge amounts of pork ribs and barbecue, of course.’’ – thedomha

6- In Germany they serve banana juice

‘’I visited an American restaurant in Germany. The only thing that impressed me was the banana juice.’’ – G01denW01f11

7- Burgers are almost always served

‘’In Denmark and Germany, American restaurants always serve hamburgers, chili, ribs, fries, corn and steak. I’ve even seen some waiters dressed as cowboys and with fake guns in their holsters.’’ – isador1911

8- Singaporeans really think that Americans like chicken cutlets

‘’In Singapore, food courts that operate outdoors usually have stalls that serve Western food and always serve chicken cutlets. My friends asked if chicken chops really were a popular US food because they thought it was American food and I was like… WTF? Is it chicken cutlet?.’’ – typesour

9-  In England they serve fries with all kinds of toppings

‘’They serve fries, hamburgers, fried chicken with fries topped with various things. Ah, they also sell milkshakes.’’ — campfiresare4humans

10- They offer a lot of Chicago style pizza in Korea

‘’Chicago pizza exploded last year in Korea, and in my city suddenly opened 5 Chicago pizzerias that opened in 2 weeks. They were very good, even though I had never eaten authentic Chicago pizzas. A friend of mine said that they, like most Asian pizzas, are very pale compared to the real ones.’’ – yognautilus

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