Know and request the American Express rewards credit card


Who doesn’t like to get credit card rewards? Even more because of the fact that we are spending and that is why we are receiving them. So, if you are looking for a credit card that offers great rewards, know that American Express Rewards is the ideal solution. The card does not perform the annuity collection, has no point limit and still has several advantages. Get to know this card better:

The financial results of the American Express Rewards credit card

The ideal rewards card is the American Express Reward credit card. The card allows you to earn 1 point each time you spend £ 1 and best of all, you don’t even have to pay an annual fee for it. Apart from these, there are several other benefits that this card is capable of offering and you will get to know them throughout the article.

What I like about the American Express Rewards credit card

The good things about American Express Rewards are:

  • The opportunity to get rid of the annual fee payment and be totally and free of it even if you spend a month or more without using your card;
  • You receive a welcome reward when you hire the card and thus, you get 5 thousand points right away;
  • There is no point limit;
  • You get 1 point each time you spend £ 1;
  • Among others.

What can be improved?

Therefore, some points are still not good and could be improved on this card, such as:

  • Be careful when redeeming the points. This is because the rescue has a strategy and when you rescue them for trips, the possibility of profit is greater. When you make the redemption so that you can cover your purchases, this becomes less advantageous, because you will receive less than you should;
  • If you have or have had any of the American Express cards in the past 2 years, please be aware that you do not receive the welcome card prize;
  • Purchases made abroad will have added interest rates and you will have to pay 2.99% interest on international purchases.

How does the American Express Rewards card offer compare?

The American Express Rewards credit card reward program is really an eye-catching offer, because you can earn 1 point every time you spend £ 1. You will be able to accumulate without a point limit. When you want, just redeem them and receive your prizes. So, to reward you after you have spent your money, the American Express Reward card is the perfect option.

American Express Rewards Card credit score

You must meet some basic requirements to be able to sign up and be approved on the American Express Rewards credit card. The requirements are:

  • Have reached the age of majority (18 years or more);
  • Living in the city of the United Kingdom;
  • Not having a dirty name in credit protection agencies;
  • In addition, having a bank account in your name.

How do you sign up?

In order for you to apply for an American Express Reward credit card, you will need to download the American Express app. In less than 10 minutes you will be able to sign the card, having only to inform those who will be requested. When submitting, you should wait just a few minutes and then receive the answer and know if your request was approved or not. It is very simple, quick and easy.

Is the American Express Rewards Card right for you?

As you might notice, the American Express Rewards credit card has great benefits and advantages. However, you are the one who knows what it is you need at the moment and only you are the one who knows if this really is the ideal credit card for you or not. So, if you have not read the article correctly and need to review a few points to find out if this credit card is really the right card for you, do it to avoid being in doubt and find out if it is worthwhile or not to hire it.

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