Know and request the B credit card review


Credit card B has very interesting attributes, such as not charging foreign transaction fees or the annual fee. Thus, the product ends up being a great ally for those who like to travel frequently, since the rates for foreign currencies can be harmful even for those who do not usually travel. Even if it is more advisable to pay your balance, the credit card charges lower interest rates.

What are the points that stand out the most

No foreign transaction fees – not charging transaction fees on purchases with foreign currencies makes credit card B a very useful option for those who like to travel. Credit cards that are not travel-oriented may charge up to a 3% fee on the purchase of products or services using foreign currency. Therefore, the B credit card will help travelers who are looking to save more when abroad.

No annual fee – even if the card becomes an exclusive image for travelers, since it does not charge a foreign transaction fee, it also does not charge the annual fee, which makes it useful for more profiles besides travelers. People who travel internationally only once or twice a year may find credit card B very useful to avoid extra expenses when they decide to leave the country, since the card will not charge anything for being used a few times.

No balance transfer fee – for consumers who have a previous debt on another credit card, failure to charge a transfer fee is also another advantage of credit card B. You can transfer your balance from another card , which is suffering from high interest rates, for credit card B. This further expands the card’s appeal and helps it stand out in the market.

The B app – If you like to manage your financial life, the B app offers all the management features so you do not miss any movement in your money.

What can be improved

Rewards – even allowing your customers to save a lot of money without charging certain types of fees, credit card B does not have any rewards or cashback programs. Thus, customers who pay their credit card in full every month may end up benefiting more from cards that have spending rewards. However, consumers can use credit card B as an extra tool, only when they travel and shop abroad and use a rewards card to pay for their daily expenses.

Know and request the B Credit Card Review

Offers – Several credit card issuers use offers as a way to attract more customers. Among them, one that is quite famous is the interest-free introductory period for shopping. However, credit card B has no offers until then.

How does B credit card perform?

As a tool used in travel, credit card B is ideal. Without charging foreign transaction fees, customers of this card can save a lot of money, which would be charged for fees in currencies other than sterling. In addition, credit card B does not charge an annual fee, expanding its list of consumers, some of whom may choose not to travel very often. The zero balance transfer fee also results in huge money savings for customers who have debts on other credit cards that charge very high interest.

However, the lack of rewards, cashback and offers can make other options on the market more attractive, especially for consumers who pay the balance in full every month. Therefore, the most advisable is to have a credit card with rewards to use in daily expenses and leave credit card B only for use abroad.

The application process

Applications for credit card B can be made online, by filling an online form that takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, according to company information.

Another important point is that, as with most credit cards, the interest rates that were announced by the issuer are representative. In other words, the fee that was announced must be offered, mandatorily by law, to at least 51% of the candidates who pass. The rest of the candidates are subject to receiving a different fee from the advertisement.

How to apply

The basic requirements for the card are that the applicant is over 18 years old, a resident of the United Kingdom and does not have a B credit card in his name. The applicant must also not have requested a B or Gold Mastercard credit card in the past 60 days. In addition, consumers who are in bankruptcy or who have suffered a lawsuit in the past three years will not be approved.

To apply for your credit card, customers need to provide some data such as monthly salary without taxes, average expenses, bank details and other information about their credit cards, if they have others.

Is a B credit card the best option?

Due to the lack of foreign transaction fees, the B credit card is specially designed for those who travel frequently outside the country. It will allow you to save a lot of money that would be spent on the foreign currency rate. In addition, without an annual fee, the credit card can be requested by other types of consumers, including those who tend to travel very little. The zero balance transfer fee also means big money savings if you need to transfer your balance from another credit card.

However, using a credit card with rewards and cashback will be more advantageous for shopping within the country. Therefore, use this type of card in conjunction with credit card B, so you will maximize all your benefits. Credit card B does not offer introductory offers, which ends up overshadowing its brightness in the card market.

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