Know and request the Barclaycard Premium Plus Business Credit Card


A card with a set of advantages for travel and business benefits, this is the Barclaycard Premium Plus Business Credit Card, an option that cannot be ignored. However, this will come at a high price.

The results of the Barclaycard Premium Plus Business credit card

It is impossible not to pay attention to a Barclaycard, as your brand is responsible for offering various perks and benefits to its customers, and Barclaycard Premium Plus Business follows this same premise. In addition to offering exclusive travel benefits, such as access to the Lounge, it also offers the famous cashback on card expenses. The card also offers an introductory APR of 0% in the first six months of use after application. However, the card also costs a very high price. Starting with the high annual rate and then the significant increase in APR in purchases, after the introductory period is over.

What stands out the most in Barclaycard Premium Plus Business

This card is ideal for people who work in companies that travel a lot and do not want to discard access to the lounge.

Business rewards: Barclaycard Premium Plus Business is a card that allows instant access to business rewards, further expanding your list of benefits. Some of the benefits of your list are free access to Experian credit reports for up to three months, discounts on some specific expenses, first free annual membership in the FSB registration, attractive business rental and benefits for travelers. In addition to business benefits, there are also entertainment benefits, with rewards and discounts at more than 3,500 different events.

Travel benefits: This is one of the points that draws the most attention on credit cards. The Barclaycard Premium Plus Business works as a priority pass at airports and allows two free accesses, with the other visits costing £ 20 each. You will also save up to 2% on exchange rates for purchases in foreign currency. In addition, card customers get 10% or more discount when booking hotels.

Many insurance: customers have a travel insurance included that offers several coverages. If you use the card to pay for the trip, you will receive free coverage for accidents that happen when you are traveling up to £ 100,000. This coverage is intended for the card customer and three other companions. It will also cover travel delays, personal effects, delayed luggage, legal expenses, among others. In addition to travel insurance, purchase protection insurance and card misuse insurance are also included in the card.

Welcome offer: In the first six months of using the card, the customer does not need to pay interest on their purchases. This is even more advantageous if the customer purchases at partner stores that guarantee discounts.

Long interest-free period: If you pay your card in full and on time every month, you will earn 56 interest-free days to make purchases.

Cashback offer: The cashback rate on this card also draws attention. The customer earns 0.5% cashback on qualifying purchases, with a cashback limit of £ 400 per year. Cashback includes eligible travel expenses, such as hotel, restaurant and flight reservations. You also get a 4% discount for reservations at more than 5,000 hotels and 10,000 restaurants when traveling to the US and Canada. In addition, some selected gas stations guarantee a 1% discount for customers of this card.

More flexibility than a credit card: The Barclaycard credit card is much more beneficial than ordinary credit cards, as the initial 6-month interest-free period is ideal for entrepreneurs who need to invest in a specific project that needs stock or material.

Know and request the Barclaycard Premium Plus Business Credit Card

What can be improved on the card?

The Barclaycard Premium Plus Business Credit Card is among one of the best on the market, however, there are some features that need to be improved.

The credit card could give more access to the Lounge rooms: a credit card considered premium should allow more free visits to the waiting rooms at airports. Even though customers can purchase additional visits, the £ 20 fee is expensive if he travels weekly or monthly.

The credit card is expensive: the £ 150 annual fee seems fair compared to the benefits offered, but it can be problematic for companies or startups that are still small. Such cards are not intended for large companies, as the maximum limit is £ 25,000, which makes the annual fee very expensive. In addition, when you add this rate to the variable APR, it will be even more expensive.

The cashback limit: The 0.5% cashback rate is great, but the problem is at the limit of £ 400 cashback per year. This limit may be ideal for small businesses, but those who are able to achieve higher spending may feel limited. A card with a maximum limit of £ 25,000 could earn up to £ 1,500 in annual cashback.

How does Barclaycard Premium Plus Business perform?

This card is ideal for small businesses and startups that are able to meet the qualification criteria. It will offer several advantages for travel, benefits and great discounts. When compared to other cards in its range, such as Santander Business Cashback, Barclaycard shows what it came for. Although Santander offers a cheaper card, it does not offer as many rewards as Barclaycard.

Barclaycard Premium Plus Business registration criteria

Before applying for this card, you need to know its criteria and know firsthand that it is important that your finances are well managed in the last 12 months. The requirements are:

  • Your company is not bankrupt;
  • There is no bankruptcy case against your company or you;
  • The projected annual profit on your business is over £ 10,000;
  • The company is located in the United Kingdom;
  • Its employees and directors are over 18 years of age;

How do you sign up?

To sign up, just go to the official Barclaycard website and click on the “sign up now” option. This will take you to a specific page with information about what you will need to sign up. Signing up via the Internet automatically includes the insurance and anyone who does not want to take out insurance needs to do the process over the phone.

Is the Barclaycard Premium Plus Business Credit Card the best option for you?

If you have a company that invoices over £ 10,000 annually and travels frequently, then this is an option that can be considered. Even with the price of the card, the rewards cannot be ignored. In addition, your 0.5% cashback earnings can help you offset the £ 150 annual fee and variable APR. This is a versatile credit card that will help you save more on your company expenses, such as marketing and finance, due to discounts at partner establishments.

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