Know and request the Sainsbury’s Bank Purchase Credit Card


The Sainsbury’s Bank Purchase Credit Card is among the cards that offer the longest introductory periods on the market, offering 20 interest-free months on purchases since enrollment. In addition, the card also offers Nectar bonus points, which makes the offer even more attractive to frequent Sainsbury consumers looking to split the price of a purchase over up to two years.

What are the good points of the Sainsbury’s Credit Card

The best offer for this credit card is undoubtedly the benefits for purchases made at Sainsbury’s, with an extended period without interest charges, but there are still other benefits:

0% introductory rate on purchases – This credit card is ideal for people who want a long interest-free introductory period to make their purchases. The credit card offers a period of 0% of 20 months, but you can receive a shorter period, according to the applicant’s personal circumstances. In addition, the card also allows you to split your purchase up to two years.

0% introductory rate on balance transfers – In addition to the 0% introductory interest rate, customers also receive 0% interest on balance transfers in the first three months of using the product.

Nectar bonus points – When using any Sainsbury credit card, customers benefit from the accumulation of Nectar bonus points. The customer can receive up to 750 points when buying £ 35 on the Sainsbury chain during the first two months, up to 10 times in a row. In addition, you can receive two Nectar points for every £ 1 spent on shopping and fuel through Sainsbury and one Nectar point for every £ 5 spent at other establishments. This is very beneficial if you are a Sainsbury regular.

Other benefits – This credit card offers differentiated features, such as transferring money to your account at the standard interest rate (4% or at least £ 4), if you make a request. That way, if you are able to pay the fee, you can use part of your credit card limit to compose your cash flow.

Worth knowing – It is important that you know that this offer is only available to customers of the Sainsbury chain. In addition, you must continue to make minimum payments and stay within the credit limit to maintain the promotional rate.

Sainsbury’s Bank Purchase Credit Card

What can be improved on the Sainsbury credit card?

The Sainsbury credit card has an incredible offer of 0% interest for purchases, but it still has some attributes that should be improved.

Short balance transfer agreement – Customers receive a period of just three months with 0% interest to carry out the balance transfer. Once this period is over, you will have to pay a 3% fee on the amounts that have been transferred. After the introductory period, the balance transfer fee will revert to the standard APR on your credit card, so it is important that you make sure you have paid your balance.

Loyalty points – The card does not offer many benefits to people who do not shop at Sainsbury, so if you are not a frequent Sainsbury shopper, you will not be able to enjoy all the rewards. In addition, points that are accumulated can only be redeemed at establishments that are associated with the Nectar program.

How Sainsbury’s Bank credit card performs

The 20-month introductory period with no interest charges for purchases is something that puts Sainsbury’s Bank at the top of the ranking of credit cards that offer this type of benefit in the market. Sainsbury’s credit cards offer an interest-free balance transfer period that corresponds to the card purchase offer, however, if you are not planning to make a balance transfer, you can order more time. In addition, if you are a frequent Sainsbury shopper, this card will provide many rewards with the accumulation of Nectar points.

Sainsbury’s Bank Purchase Credit Card requirements

The bank announced that card requests will be analyzed individually and that the interest rate and credit limit will be established according to the data provided by the customer. You must be a new Sainsbury’s Bank credit card customer to be eligible for the promotion, in addition to being a UK resident and over 18, as well as a minimum annual income of £ 10,000 or more. Nor can applicants have a credit history declined in the last month or a history of court decisions against them.

How to apply?

You can register online or call Sainsbury’s Bank and provide the code “Purchase Web” to the operator. If you already have a Nectar card, you will be asked for its number during registration. The process will also ask for your phone number and e-mail address, as well as other personal information, home address and information about your average annual income.

Is the Sainsbury’s Bank credit card the best option for you?

The Sainsbury’s Bank credit card has a great advantage, which is its long interest-free introductory period for purchases. This is an option that can be considered if you need to make a very large purchase and want to split it into more than two years without charging interest. In addition, if you shop frequently at Sainsbury, you can earn up to 7,500 Nectar points in the first two months of using the card, in addition to accumulating points for the rest of the product’s usage period when shopping. However, if your goal is to make a balance transfer, there are cards with more affordable offers on the market.

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