Know and request the Santander All In One Credit Card


If you are in need of a credit card with which you can make your purchases simply and even more, which offers you the chance to be free of interest payments, know that I have an incredible option for you today, that is the Santander All In One credit card. Next, you will have the opportunity to get to know this card better and know if it is the card you are looking for or not.


The Santander All In One credit card is the perfect credit card for anyone who wants to be free from paying interest rates when making purchases and transferring balances. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to earn up to 0.5%. % refund on each of your purchases made. The only downside to this card is the annual fee, which costs £ 3.

What’s good about this card

This card has features that can benefit us greatly. Check out:

  • You have the opportunity to be able to apply for additional credit cards for both yourself and others in your family or friends;
  • You have the opportunity to be able to make your purchases without having to pay interest charges and in addition, your balance transfers will also not be charged;
  • You will also be able to get around 0.5% of your money back on every purchase made with your Santander All in One credit card;
  • In addition to much more.

What is not so good

Some things could be changed on this card, as they are not that good. Like for example:

  • One of the first disadvantages of the Santander credit card is related to its annuity rate. That’s because, the monthly fee is £ 3. In other words, within a year you will have a total of £ 36 just for the annuity of this card and the worst of all is that even if you don’t use it a certain month you will having to pay anyway;
  • Withdrawals and some other transactions will be charged.

How does it compare

In addition to not having as many benefits and rewards programs as this, as other credit cards do, this credit card still charges the annuity, which makes it a little disadvantageous, unless you are someone who uses the your card often. However, if you only use the card for some purchases and do not use it every month, you still have to pay the annual fee and with that it is indicated that you look for another card option that does not charge this fee.

Are fee credit cards worth it?

Credit cards that have interest rates are only worthwhile for those who make good use of it and who, in addition, offer you good rewards. If you are one of those people who do not use your credit card every month and spend months without using it, an annuity fee card is certainly not the right option, since you will have to pay the card’s annuity even without use it. Therefore, it is necessary that you observe all this before you take out a credit card in order not to end up regretting it later.

How do you sign up?

For you to sign up for your Santander credit card today, know that it is very simple and you can do it without having to leave your home for it. therefore, just go to Banco Santander official website and fill out the request form for this card, informing all the requested data. When doing so, simply submit the request and wait for a response to find out if your request was approved or not.

The application is a very simple and very fast process and in a few minutes you will have already requested the card, I have to wait just a little longer to get a response and know if your card has been approved or not.

Who is this great card for?

This card is great for people who need to make balance transfers, as the Santander credit card will help you save even more, since the interest rate charged for the transaction to take place is 0%. In addition, for those who like to be always traveling, or even for those who need to travel to other countries, they will also benefit from hiring this credit card, exactly because the fee for foreign transactions is not charged. So, you save money and have nothing to worry about on your trip.

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