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Tesco balance transfer card gives successful applicants the privilege of having the card and spending 22 months without paying any interest on balance transfers. This is very close to the longest in the market. It has a balance transfer fee of plus or minus 2.98% to pay, but this is common in offers of 0% of this duration. The card also has 12 months of 0% for money transfers, and at a rate of 3.94%, plus Tesco Clubcard points, making it a great offer.

What we like

22 months 0% interest on balances that are transferred in the first 90 days 1 year 0% interest on money transfers made in the first 90 days. Accumulation of Tesco Clubcard points in all expenses.

Annual fee

£ 0

APR representative:


Introductory offers:

0% interest rate for 22 months on balance transfers in the first 90 days

0% interest for 1 year on money transfers in the first 90 days.

key score:

4/5 perks         4/5 apr              3/5 fees                  


05 interest for 22 months on balances that are transferred in the first 90 days

1 year 0% interest on money transfers made in the first 90 days

1 Tesco Clubcard point for every £ spent at Tesco

1 Tesco ClubCard point for every £ 8 will be spent elsewhere

There is no annual fee.

Representative example

Representative rate

APR of 19.9% ​​(may vary)

Purchase rate
19.9% ​​per year and may vary
based on loans£1,200

What I like

Balance transfer – the balance transfer offer on your card allows users with credit card debt to lower the amount of interest paid.

It has a balance transfer period of 22 months, during which time a 0% interest rate is charged on the transferred debt. The user can transfer up to 95% of his credit limit and the time can be up to 90 days after opening the account.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Points – your points will be accumulated on your balance transfer credit card. For every £ 4 spent on a card, the user earns a Clubcard point and by buying from non-Tesco stores, one point will be collected for every £ 8 spent. These points can be used to pay for many things including in restaurants, and can even be tripled, thereby increasing their monetary value in various destinations.

Transfer fees – While the benefits of cash and balance transfers can save consumers who owe significant debts to large sums of money, fees can decrease the overall economy.

This can be particularly relevant for consumers who have small debts or who intend to repay them in a short period.

In these situations, users may be better off looking for a card that has lower balance or money transfer fees or that they don’t have.

Foreign transfer fees – although the Tesco balance transfer credit card can be used as a primary credit card, its transaction fee is no more than 2.75% which means it can be worth having a credit card from additional trip.

This could decrease the cost of travel abroad, as foreign transaction fees can amount to large amounts in the long run.

How to stack?

The 22-month balance transfer time offered by the card is competitive.

While you may find a slightly better period than other balance transfer credit cards, it will be difficult to find a significantly longer 0% interest period.

The money transfer offer also draws a lot of attention in terms of length and can make the card even more striking in relation to its peers.

Likewise, it is the rewards provided by the Tesco Balance Transfer Credit Card that help to stand out from the crowd and can be very good as a primary credit card for users.

While the transfer of balance and cash and exchange rates may diminish their appeal, they are the same as those of other cash and balance transfer credit cards.

Although we can find credit cards with more relevant rates, your interest periods are 0% for balance and cash transfers, which may be shorter. The lack of annuity can make you more attractive than other balance transfer cards.

Credit score

Before requesting your Tesco balance transfer credit card, it is important to verify that it meets all of the eligibility criteria.

This includes having a good credit history and an annual income of at least £ 5,000 and not having more than one or two Tesco credit cards.

The interest rates disclosed and the balance transfer period are representative.

Which means that they can be offered to most successful candidates, with the rest potentially being given different terms. However, you may receive a shorter balance transfer period, for example, less than 22 months announced.

How to apply

Credit card applications can be made online. It will depend on the application, if it was successful it is usually ready in 10 minutes.

Several details will be required when applying for the card.

They include your previous address, employment details, and current transaction and balance information on other credit cards or personal loan information if you are looking to take advantage of balance or money transfer offers, respectively.

Is Tesco Credit Card for Transferring the Balance Right for You?

For those looking for a balance transfer or long term money transfer credit card with 0% interest rates compared to many other cards, the Tesco balance transfer credit card can be a great option.

The fact that the card offers Clubcard points increases the chance of becoming a valuable credit card to be used on a daily basis, instead of being used for a 0% fee period on balance and cash transfers.

As with many balance transfer credit cards that have long periods of interest and 0% fees and apply to debts transferred to the card. The foreign transaction fee is also standard for non-travel credit cards, however, the card is still more or less acceptable, despite having several fees.

This helps to lower interest costs on existing debts, while offering rewards for daily expenses without charging an annual fee.

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